Baltijos regiono ir Lietuvos makro alus.

Opened in the end of 2015 in a small blue wooden villa, the craft pub immediately became ‘own’ and ‘local’ for a safe amount of people. It’s a real beer pub with a handful of other drinks on the menu (those lucky to be there are really worth it, by the way) and a small yet confident choice of snacks. But first, beer. That’s the essential place to get your fix of D***, one of the most prolific microbreweries in the country. Tastings are frequent so if you hop in and find a dozen people silently swirling their glasses, don’t hesitate to join them. It’s not a sect. 

Great music swinging from free jazz to futuresque indie is yet another thing we love about the pub. No wonder as its name, meaning something curvy and echoed, comes from a podcast called VINGIU DUBINGIU that was broadcast a few years ago. 
(by @kaunastic at http://visit.kaunas.lt/en/kaunastic/six-kaunastic-craft-beer-pubs/)



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